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Every Life is a story
Cat Tales
There are thousands of reasons why people who devote their lives to rescuing animals are compelled to do so.

Each reason is a life that will be lost because there are too many to save.

More than 70% of the unwanted animals in Solano County are put to death each year.

Are you willing to help make a difference?
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We have LOTS and LOTS of kittens ready for adoption. Due to their popularity, it's hard to keep up with posting these little guys as they come and go so fast. Please contact us if you are looking for a particular breed/color or personality.

Better yet, come to PETCO in Fairfield on Saturdays and Sundays and see who's ready for their forever home!
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This little charmer has been with us since birth. She is the sole survivor of her litter, and she has proven to be quite the motherly friend to other kittens we have brought in. She LOVES to play with other cats, and would make a great companion.

Her facial expressions tell it all. She is all kitten and She loves to play, run and jump. While she doesn't like to be carried, she is proving to be a good lap cat, wanting to be on, next, or around her people when it comes time for rest. At that time, she will purr up a storm.

She would do best in a home with other cats/kittens, and would be fine with children and dogs (although she has not been dog exposed).

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Cat Tales Rescue

Cat Tales Rescue is an all volunteer-based, non-profit organization committed to reducing the homeless, unwanted, and feral cat population of Solano County through promoting low-cost spay/neuter options and educating the public on the importance of spay/neuter.

We advocate the benefits of TNR to control over population and maintain good health of feral cat colonies and educate the public about TNR and proper feral colony management.

We take in abandoned cats from our communities, feral colonies and cats at risk from euthanasia, to the extent of our resources and of foster home availability.

We assist the public, feral colony care takers, and shelter rescuers place cats in loving, forever homes.

Cat Tales Cat Stats

126 cats & kittens currently in foster care

2303 rescued since April 2009

Adoption Venue

Fairfield PETCO
Saturdays 11:00-3:00
Sundays 12:00-4:00
1370 Holiday Ln